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  • What to look for in mushroom coffee alternatives

    What to look for in mushroom coffee alternatives

    Whenever something grows in popularity, you can bet that more businesses will spring up to meet demand. You can get everything from mushroom coffees, lion's mane mushroom powders or capsule, adaptogenic drinks, and much more! Obviously, we can't blame them, we're also...

  • The History of Matcha

    The History of Matcha

    Many people rightly associate matcha with Japan, because the process of creating matcha as we know it was perfected and is still extremely popular in Japan. 

    But, the real history of powdered tea starts in China, during the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907). This is the origins of roasting and pulverizing tea leaves, which were then decocted. Decoction is essentially boiling the tea in water so that it dissolves (think: Turkish Coffee).

  • Adapta-whaaaa?! Adaptogen, adaptogenic drinks and much more.

    BlissFunctional is a free newsletter we write here at Pow every 1-2 weeks. Sign up here if you'd like to receive it.  _____________________________________ This is our first BlissFunctional Newsletter. I'm super excited to be writing this, and will try to write about...

  • 6 Ways Matcha & Adaptogen Drinks Can Help Period Symptoms

    6 Ways Matcha & Adaptogen Drinks Can Help Period Symptoms

    Matcha is an incredible tea, but did you know that matcha can actually help improve your period? But, Matcha isn't the only super star. In, Wonder Matcha we utilize adaptogens which are also known to improve your period symptoms and leave you...

  • Making The Perfect Matcha Latte

    Making The Perfect Matcha Latte

    Creating a matcha latte is one of those things in your day that can help you slow down and be in the moment.  There are many ways to approach creating a matcha tea or latte, and in this post we're...

  • What are adaptogens?

    What are adaptogens?

    If you're asking this question, you've probably seen a new product on the shelf or an on instagram touting the incredible benefits of adaptogens. Maybe you read an article talking about adaptogens with no explanation of what they even are. ...