By Ezra Rufino

Tips For Making a Matcha Latte

Every morning I make Wonder Matcha.

Matcha is an absolutely incredible powdered green tea with quite a few health benefits. Matcha is packed with antioxidants (140x that of coffee), gives a more serene energy compared to coffee, and even helps reduce inflammation. (Learn more about matcha here.)

Wonder Matcha pairs all that with functional mushrooms and adaptogens, helping you manage stress and improve focus in the morning.

When I make matcha, I often make it as a tea or with Wonder MCT. And I'll often make it as a latte in the afternoon.

This is the technique that I'll use when making a Wonder Matcha latte:


  • 2 tsp Wonder Matcha - you can use either 1-2 tsp of Wonder Matcha depending on your preference and desired caffeine intake. Each tsp contains about 44mg of caffeine.

  • 8oz of milk (I use oat milk, but any milk or plant milk works!)

  • 2-3 oz of water (max 170 degrees, not boiling). You can use cool water if doing iced matcha.

  • 1 tsp of honey or maple syrup to sweeten (optional). Not needed if using lightly sweetened Wonder Matcha. 

How to make:

  • Add 2-3oz of water to a mug (heated or cool)

  • Add 2 tsp of Wonder Matcha to mug

  • Whisk well. Our Power Whisk is the perfect tool, but any electric whisk/frother, or a traditional bamboo whisk can work.

  • Optionally add sweetener.

  • Top with your milk of choice.

  • Stir and enjoy!

General tips:
  • Water temperature: Try not to overheat the water. If you end up boiling the water, let it cool down for a little bit before mixing it with the matcha. The perfect temperature for hot matcha is around 170 degrees. But, it's perfectly find to do it with room temperature water too. Boiling water will burn the matcha and create a bitter flavor. 
  • Matcha ratio: I always recommend playing with the ratios to find what works for you! Everyone has their preferred ratio of Wonder Matcha to milk and water, as well as sweetness level. 
  • Sweetness: If you use the lightly sweetened Wonder Matcha, the more matcha you use the sweeter it will be. You can always reduce or increase the amount of Wonder Matcha that you like to balance the sweetness for your palate. If you're using unsweetened Wonder Matcha, simply add honey or maple syrup to taste.
  • Avoiding clumps: As you can see in this video :) adding the water in first will allow for easier blending when preparing the matcha. If you add the matcha first it's more likely to clump up at the bottom. Use a matcha whisk or our Power Whisk to blend it up well. You can also use a shaker/blender cup, a blender, or even a cocktail shaker. 

Let us know if you try this! Drop a comment on the YouTube video. Or email us anytime at hello@getpow.


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