Our Story

I started Pow after struggling with health issues my entire life.

In one year, two major health incidents impacted my life in a big way.

Growing up with Yogi's for parents, I'd always believed that food can be healing. What we eat, and what we don't eat matters. So after a doctor recommended I take another medication I decided something had to change.

Medication wasn't healing me, just covering over symptoms.

I explored diets, adaptogens, functional mushrooms and much more. My interest in not just healing, but performing at my best grew.

Eventually, I created a routine for myself every morning with matcha and adaptogens. I wasn't completely healed, but I felt a huge difference in how I felt almost immediately.

Better mood, sharper focus, and decreasing my dependence on modern medicine.

Unfortunately, the products already on the market were not great. So I began making my own and eventually quit my job to start Pow.

I'm so happy to bring Pow to you. We hope you'll join our tribe!

Ezra, Founder of Pow


Our mission

Our mission is to change the way we fuel our bodies.

Out with the jitters, fillers, natural flavors, grains, and junk.

In with focused attention, simplicity, quality, and effective functional beverages.

We source the best, sustainable ingredients, without any of the fluff.

1% of sales goes to food safety and health initiatives.