We're changing the way we fuel our bodies.

The story of Pow

I've struggled with numerous health issues my whole life. Every new concern I've had is met with a new medication recommended. But, that's just not the path that I've ever wanted to take...

Even healthy eating, exercise, and meditation couldn't heal every chronic issue. Countless diets couldn't do it. So, I began the research and experimentation on using superfoods, adaptogens, and functional mushrooms. How can I get incorporate more of these healing foods into my body? How can I create new rituals?

Eventually, this all lead to Pow being created.

Our mission is to change the way we fuel our bodies.

Out with the jitters, fillers, natural flavors, grains, and junk. 

In with focused attention, simplicity, quality, and effective functional beverages that improve your health instead making it worse.

I care so much about this, that each week I go into a commercial kitchen to create Pow in small batches.

No single adaptogen will heal all of your problems, but they can be a really special part of a healing lifestyle.

Ezra, Founder of Pow

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About Wonder Matcha

Wonder Matcha is our flagship product. There are a few reasons why we decided to start with an unique blend of adaptogens, functional mushrooms, and Matcha. 


--> Matcha is something that you can easily add into your daily routine. Use it as a coffee replacement, or even alongside your morning or afternoon coffee.

--> Matcha contains 140x the antioxidants of your typical coffee or even other green teas. 

--> Stress is a huge contributor to chronic illness, and also decreases your productivity. By incorporating adaptogens, Wonder Matcha decreases your stress and anxiety, increasing your productivity and health.

--> To boost the benefits even further, we introduced Lion's Mane mushroom which is known to improve focus, lower heart disease risk, and decrease inflammation. 

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