By Ezra Rufino

Why I use MCT oil

For over 10 years I've been exploring routines and diets to help me feel at my best every day. 

For years I've used MCT oil as a part of my daily ritual, and I'll tell you why...

The spark notes version...

MCT oil helps me:

  • Fast in the morning (my body feels better when I do)
  • Feel more focused + sharp
  • There are a plethora of other benefits, but those are the keys for me. 
The full-ish story

I've experimented with intermittent fasting for years, and I noticed that when I do a "Bulletproof fast" I feel best.

Basically, I stop eating around 8pm and start eating again around 12pm the next day (16hr fast).

But, in the morning with my Wonder Matcha or coffee I'll blend it with MCT oil and grass-fed butter (decadent, I know). This makes the fast easier...

Because you're only consuming fat calories, your body doesn't get a blood sugar spike and you still enjoy many of the benefits of fasting. 

MCT's are an immediate source of energy which the liver converts to ketones. When fasting, this provides your brain with efficient energy, improving focus. 

I've found that when I do a Bulletproof style fast, I feel more focused and my body feels much better + more energized throughout the day. 

Ok, I feel like this has been long enough for most people, but I'm including some further reading below if you're interested.

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Further reading

1. A double-blind placebo controlled study shows cognitive improvement in 80% of participants with Alzheimer's. 

3. A study showing improvement in inflammation markers with MCT oil use. 

2. Article from Forbes discussing the benefits and side effects of MCT oil

"Considering all the benefits MCT oil can offer, is can be a supplement worth adding to your diet"

- Dr. Pedre, Forbes


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