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Wonder Coffee

👋 Choose your skin enhancer! Grass-fed collagen protein or tremella mushroom (vegan).
45 Day Returns
"Truly so delicious...you can feel the difference in mental clarity and energy right away!"
- Jessica, Verified Review
About Wonder Coffee

This insanely tasty blend of organic roasted coffee, collagen protein (or tremella mushroom for a vegan option), functional mushrooms, and adaptogens is formulated to rejuvenate your body and mind. Coffee + L-theanine for long lasting energy and taste, functional mushroom extracts to increase your focus, immunity, gut health, and stress management, and collagen protein or tremella mushroom for healthier skin. Every delicious sip is for a better you. 

Taste: Roasted coffee, chocolatey and earthy.

Effect: Serene, jitter-free energy and laser focus without the stomach issues. Long term benefits add up over time. 

~50mg of caffeine per serving for the perfect dose. Less than half your average cup of coffee.

Loved by 10,000+ Customers

  • ★★★★★

    "Absolutely delicious and really works"

    “Wonder Matcha is absolutely delicious and really works for energy - I feel clear and grounded. It tastes amazing with some frothed oat milk (the power whisk is my new fav tool).”

    Amy, Verified Review
  • ★★★★★

    "I'm much less bloated!"

    “This has been kinda life changing. I’m finding that I focus better, my anxiety is way down and I’m much less bloated. Whatever you’re doing you’re doing a great job.”

    Andrew, Verified Review
  • ★★★★★

    " It was between this and Ryze, and I LOVE this one."

    “It was between this and the ryze mushroom matcha and I LOVE this one. Great real matcha taste and not gritty at all.”

    Christina, Verified Review
  • ★★★★★

    "Gives me clarity and focus!"

    “I have been using Pow for a month and it has been amazing! Pow wakes me up and gives me clarity and focus! I have gone from a heavy coffee drinker to one serving of Pow in the morning and one cup of coffee in the afternoon.”

    David, Verified Review
  • ★★★★★

    "Actually tastes like matcha!"

    “I’ve been drinking another coffee alternative (MUD) for about a year now...I recently read some scientific articles that supported mushroom fruit body extract is more beneficial than powdered mycelium. That’s what brought me to POW! Not only are the ingredients more trustworthy, the drink ACTUALLY tastes like Matcha!”

    Jayce, Verified Review

Better focus, mood, and health.

We blend the best organic coffee out there with organic adaptogens (stress support) and functional mushrooms (focus + immunity). Then, we top it off with L-theanine and grass-fed collagen (or tremella mushroom for a vegan option).

  • “Adding the perfect dose of caffeine (50 mg) I'll give you the energy you need, with the great taste you crave.”

    Organic Roasted Coffee
  • “I'm food for your brain! I'll Improve your focus, cognition, and am great for your gut.”

    Lions Mane - Dual Extracted
  • “Call me for stress support. I'm an adaptogenic mushroom to help your body manage cortisol levels and get to a state of balance (homeostasis).”

    Reishi Extract
  • “They've crowned me the 'King of Mushrooms' for a reason. I'm jam packed with antioxidants + I'll help your body fight inflammation.”

    Chaga Extract
  • “I'm an amino acid found naturally in matcha. I help you get into the flow state and slow down caffeine, reducing jitters and offering longer lasting energy.”

  • “I'm here to support healthy skin, hair, and joints. You choose: collagen peptides, or tremella mushroom (the beauty mushroom) for a vegan option. ”

    Collagen or Tremella Mushroom

We make the cleanest and most effective functional coffee.

  • 🍄 More Effective Mushrooms

    How you take your mushrooms matters. We don't use any mycelium or grain-grown mushrooms like similar products out there. Wonder Coffee contains only 8:1 fruiting body mushroom extracts for added potency + bioavailability. This leads to a MUCH more effective and tastier drink.

  • 👎🏽 No Additives, Sugar, or Milk Powders

    Other products include additives like milk powders, erythritol and maltodextrin. None of that in Pow. We only give you the best stuff for your body and mind. This is the most highly concentrated blend out there. Our packs are smaller because there is NO junk or filler.

"I like that I'm not paying for filler ingredients that give the appearance of quantity. Pow ships quality over quantity."

- Stephen W.

At Your Best In 3 Easy Steps

You can use Wonder Coffee in 100s of ways just like any coffee. Make it at home in 30sec or less.

  • In your mug add 1 tablespoon of Wonder Coffee to 4oz of hot water. Froth well.

  • Now customize it. Add milk, sweetener, ice, or anything else you'd like. Prefer black? Just add water to taste.

  • Feel the all-day focused energy. And enjoy the long term benefits with daily use!


Have more questions? Checkout our full FAQs or email us anytime at hello@getpow.co.

Wonder Coffee was formulted to taste great. We want you too crave it every day, making this health-promoting routine easy!

The primary taste is of a chocolatey, earthy, roasted coffee. There is a subtle delicious creaminess.

NO, It does NOT taste like mushrooms :)

Functional mushrooms are mushrooms which are used for therapeutic and preventative medicine, and have been used that way for thousands of years.

Functional mushrooms are rich in beta-glucans, which can act as immunomodulators. These beta-glucans can help the body boost immune function and adapt to environmental stress (read: adaptogens!).

It is important to process functional mushroom properly to get their benefits. That's why our mushrooms go through an extraction process to improve potency and bioavailability. We only use 8:1 fruiting body extracts in this blend. This is truly why our mushroom coffee is better.

In Wonder Coffee we use lion's mane (focus), chaga (immunity), and reishi (stress management). In the vegan options we use tremella mushroom (skin health).

Wonder Coffee comes in two options:

1. With Collagen Peptides from grass-fed cows. This is not a vegan option.

2. VEGAN: With Tremella mushroom + MCTs. This is a vegan option and it also contains a coconut based MCT oil powder.


There is no dairy, grains or gluten in Wonder Coffee. All ingredients are tested to be gluten free.

However we don't yet test for trace amounts in our final blend which are made in facilities that may process tree nuts and gluten.

The vegan option with tremella does contain tree nuts.

Occasionally people experience allergies to mushrooms, but it is rare. If you have any concerns with allergies, please talk to your physician.

You don't have to subscribe, but we'd love to have you! Most people subscribe to make this a long lasting new habit for your health!

As a subscriber you'll get a ton of member benefits and Wonder Matcha delivered on your schedule.

You can easily modify your subscription anytime and our subscription concierge (our founder) is always here to help.

Benefits include:

✅ 20% off + free shipping on every order

✅ early-access to new products

✅ subscriber exclusive discounts

✅ Subscription Concierge: direct access to our founder for any changes needed to your subscription.

✅ subscriber portal for easy management. Modify or cancel your subscription anytime.

You'll receive an email 3 days before your next order is set to be placed so that you have plenty of time to make any adjustments as needed.

Shipping is FREE on ALL subscription orders and orders over $50!

Orders under $50 ship for $6.00.

When will my order ship?
Once an order is placed we typically ship within 1 business day. The delivery time is typically 2-5 business days, but can be longer depending on location and circumstances.

We stand behind our product.

100% refund if you're not happy with the product. No questions asked.

If you received a free item with your order, we ask that you return it for a full refund.

If your order contains multiple drink products, the guarantee applies to one drink product per order. You're welcome to return the other unopened for a full refund.

Simply contact us at hello@getpow.co!

1% For A Healthier Future

We want to build a healthier future. We pledge 1% of profits for food safety and health initiatives to reduce toxins and harmful additives in our food supply.


I started Pow after struggling with health issues my entire life. Asthma, acid-reflux, and eventually even a tumor in my hand. After a doctor recommended I take another medication I knew something had to change. Medication wasn't healing me, just covering over symptoms.

I explored diets, adaptogens, functional mushrooms and much more. Eventually, I created a routine for myself every morning with matcha and adaptogens. I wasn't completely healed, but I felt a difference in how I felt almost immediately. Better mood, sharper focus, and decreasing my dependence on modern medicine. I couldn't find the quality I was looking for on the market, so I quit my job, worked with holistic nutritionists and started Pow. I'm so happy to bring Pow to you. We hope you'll join our tribe!

I reply to every email at hello@getpow.co. Hit me up anytime.

Ezra, Founder of Pow

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100% Real Reviews From Our Customers


Customer Reviews

Based on 488 reviews
Rukiya Ogarro
No Comparison

This matcha is so good, it spoiled me for matcha every where else. Enjoy making it at home. I keep some at work. The Tumeric has really helped with inflammation.

Dr. Breanna BOSS James
Tasty High Energy. No Crash!

I love this matcha. I've tried others and this one tastes better gives me focused energy, and soothes my gut! I drink it as a tea and also mix it into my shakes and smoothies. Next is to make matcha pancakes and waffles. The customer service is also great. Customer service is just as important to me as the product.

Michael Primitivo
Tastes Great!!!

I love how it give me lasting focus without the jitters. I no longer drink coffee in the morning. Love it!

Really good

It tastes good. I drink it everyday

Vincent Avallone
Excellent Product!

Highly recommend this matcha product. Unlike any other I've ever had. So authentic with real ingredients as well as additions of nutrients make this the best matcha on the market. Love it !!

We know you're going to love Wonder Matcha!

Not happy with it? Send it back for a full refund.