The Best Way To Cold Brew Matcha

When many people think of matcha, they're probably thinking of a nice hot matcha latte from their local cafe. Or, maybe even a super venti iced matcha latte with caramel from Starbucks (or something like that).

But, cold brewing matcha is really simple and makes a unique and delicious end result for your green tea matcha.

Cold brewing matcha is a simpler and faster process than cold brewing other teas or cold brewed coffee. It can be done right before your drink it and it doesn't need to sit around and steep.

So let's dive in. We're going to cover:

  • What is matcha
  • The benefits of matcha / why drink matcha
  • Why cold brew matcha
  • Tips for cold brewing matcha
  • How to cold brew matcha

So if you're just looking for the HOW, scroll down a bit. 

We use our very own adaptogenic Wonder Matcha for our recipes. You should check it out if you're looking for a matcha that's boosted with ingredients to help you manage stress, improve focus, and improve overall health. 

how to cold brew mushroom matcha

Video: How to Cold Brew Matcha

What is matcha 

Matcha is a powdered green tea which originated in China, and was brought to Japan almost 1000 years ago. 

Matcha is different from your average green tea for a few reasons. For one, matcha is shade grown which slows down the maturing process allowing the tea leaves to produce more chlorophyll, antioxidants, and L-theanine. 

Because high quality matcha is stone ground and you drink the entire leaf, you get all of the benefits contained in the leaf, instead of simply brewing the leaves. 

Ok, so that takes us too…

Why drink matcha

There are so many reasons to drink matcha, and especially when you’re upgrading to adaptogenic matcha like Wonder Matcha. 

But here are just a few of those reasons…

  1. It tastes great! One of the most important reasons to drink it is it’s beautiful taste. Matcha is has a silky and creamy quality to it. Matcha is a bit earthy and umami. 
  2. Serene energy without the crash and anxiety. Matcha’s caffeine is unique because it is paired with the naturally occurring amino acid L-theanine. L-theanine helps to create a sense of calm, and slows down the effects of caffeine spreading it out over time. 
  3. 140x the antioxidants of coffee. Matcha is absolutely loaded with antioxidants! Matcha contains a unique catechin called EGCG, which reduces inflammation and may even help prevent chronic disease.
  4. It’s great for your skin. Matcha is anti-inflammatory, and antioxidants like EGCg help to reduce inflammation in the skin and even reduce redness. The catechins in matcha also help to fight free radicals and prevent cell damage.

Ok, so why should you choose to cold brew matcha green tea powder?

wonder matcha mushroom matcha compared to regular matcha and mushroom coffee

Why cold brew matcha

  1. Smoother taste. Cold brewing matcha reduces the bitterness that can be drawn out of matcha when it’s brewed hot. It’s a great way to create a smoother end result. 
  2. Keeps all of the benefits. You still get all the same benefits than if you brewed it hot! 
  3. It's the simplest and fastest way to make matcha. Brewing it cold requires the least amount of prep.
  4. Easy to take it on the road with you. When you brew it cold, you can easily make it in a glass ball jar or shaker bottle. That makes it especially easy to then take it on the road with you. 

how to cold brew mushroom matcha

Tips for cold brewing matcha

    1. Use a high quality ceremonial grade organic matcha (like Wonder Matcha). The quality of your matcha is going to make a huge difference in your end result.
    2. Use filtered water.
    3. Pick the right vessel for shaking. I love a ball jar, but you can use a protein shaker cup if you have one, or even a cocktail shaker. Also, make sure it is tightly closed. 
    4. Sift your matcha. Sifting your matcha will help a lot to reduce any clumping and create a smoother and tastier matcha.
    5. Get creative. You can also use cold brewed matcha as a base for smoothies, cocktails, or other beverages. Just add a splash of cold brewed matcha to your favorite drink recipes for a unique and refreshing twist.
    6. Test your ratios and liquid base. Everyone likes their matcha a little bit differently. Test out the ratios of water to matcha, and also try this with different milk and water combinations and ratios. You can even try using coconut water instead of filtered tap water. Or use coconut milk instead of regular milk. 
    7. Experiment with the steeping time. A longer steep will result in a stronger flavor, while a shorter steep will be more mellow.

wonder matcha with adaptogens and functional mushrooms | adaptogen drink

How to cold brew matcha

Finally! Here's the best and easiest way to cold brew matcha. 

  1. Start by sifting 1 teaspoon of high-quality matcha powder into a glass jar or shaker cup (something you can tightly close). Use a sifter or fine mesh strainer to ensure that the powder is evenly distributed and free of any clumps.
  2. Next, add 1 cup (8oz) of cold filtered water to the jar. You can also do this as step 1, and scoop sifted matcha into the water which can also help make it easier to mix. If you're going to turn this into a latte, use only 3-4oz of water so you can top it with milk later.
  3. Cover the jar or pitcher and shake your heart out! Shake well until the matcha is well combined with the water. 
  4. Optionally place it in the refrigerator to steep longer. You'll notice the strength and flavor change over time. You can save this in the fridge for 1-2 days and use it as is, in lattes, smoothies, or more. You can even freeze it into ice cubes.
  5. Serve the cold brewed matcha over ice, and add any desired sweeteners or flavorings, such as honey, lemon, or mint. You can also top this with your choice of milk for an easy latte.

There are so many variations you can make on a cold brewed matcha, and it's definitely a favorite of many of our customers here at Pow.

We definitely hope you'll try some cold brewed Wonder Matcha and let us know what you think.

Drop us a comment or question below, and feel free to email us anytime at hello@getpow.co.

how to cold brew mushroom matcha


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