Functional beverages that work wonders.

Fuel your body differently.

Our mission is to change the way we fuel our bodies.

Out with the jitters, fillers, natural flavors, grains, and junk. In with focused attention, simplicity, quality, and effective functional beverages.

We source the best, sustainable ingredients, without any of the fluff.

1% of sales goes to food safety and health initiatives.

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  • "Definitely Magic! I feel clear and grounded."


    The magic matcha powder is absolutely delicious and really works for energy - I feel clear and grounded. It tastes amazing with some frothed oat milk (the power whisk is my new fav tool). 😊

    - Amy

  • "Incredible start to the morning! Gives me clarity and focus."


    I have been using Pow for a month and it has been amazing! Pow wakes me up and gives me clarity and focus! I have gone from a heavy coffee drinker to one serving of Pow in the morning and one cup of coffee in the afternoon.

    - David

  • "Like magic. I can't believe the energy and mental clarity I've had."


    I am in love with this stuff! I can’t believe the energy and mental clarity I’ve had. Customer for life right here!!!

    - Kimberly

No fillers, grains, additives, or milk powders.

One of the things we cared about the most when creating Wonder Matcha was removing the fluff you'll see in a lot of other brands. Instead of mostly being milk, Wonder Matcha is made entirely of the good stuff.

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