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What is Wonder Matcha? | Adaptogen and Functional Mushroom Matcha

We get a lot of questions about our flagship product Wonder Matcha, so this blog post is there to get into the details. What makes Wonder Matcha so special? Here we go...

The basics

Just in case you're new here, let's start with the basics.

Wonder Matcha is our proprietary, and magical blend of premium ceremonial grade matcha with adaptogens and functional mushrooms, with the purpose of increasing focus and decreasing stress and anxiety.

It's meant to be drank in the morning to help you have a more productive and more relaxed day. 

Wonder Matcha is made up of all organic ingredients:

  • Premium ceremonial grade matcha
  • Lion's mane mushroom extract
  • Ashwagandha root powder
  • Ceylon cinnamon
  • Monk fruit powder (in our lightly sweetened blend)

Ok, so why these ingredients? Here's a break down of how they work together...

Why does Wonder Matcha work?

magic matcha ingredients

Sustained energy from Matcha

We're super proud of our Matcha. Our blend contains about the same amount of caffeine that you'd get in a cup of coffee, BUT you don't get the jitters and crash.

Naturally occurring L-theanine in the matcha slows down the effect of the matcha giving it a longer lasting impact. It feels like a more serene energy compared to coffee. 

Our matcha contains more L-theanine because our it is a premium ceremonial grade which is shade grown longer than a lot of the matcha out there. 

Matcha also contains 140x the antioxidants of your typical coffee or green tea! Damn!

Increased focus from lion's mane mushroom

We use an entirely organic lion's mane mushroom extract.

Lion's mane mushroom has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese medicine, in particular for improved digestion. However, more recently it's been studies for it's ability to improve cognition.

Most studies so far have been done on people experiencing some cognitive impairment -- like alzheimer's -- and have shown improvements in cognitive abilities.

Today it's used by people around the globe for its ability to improve memory and focus. Hericenones and erinacines in lion's mane mushroom have the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier (a unique talent!) and have been shown to help nerve growth in the brain.

Our lion's mane mushroom is rigorously tested for the active ingredients that give you these benefits.

Our lion's mane is sourced from the best, here are some of the details:

  • Mushroom fruiting body only (no mycelium!)
  • Grown in China --> known to be the best place to get lion's mane mushroom
  • Has a minimum 27% of the active ingredient (beta-glucans) <-- this is what you want to see to have an impact

Stress & anxiety reduction from Aswhagandha

We have a bit of a love affair with Ashwagandha.  Ashwagandha is known as an adaptogen for its ability to help your body adapt to stress. 

Ashwagandha has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine. It was used primarily for its ability to reduce inflammation, reduce anxiety, and increase energy. 

Today, Ashwagandha is being studied for its ability to normalize your bodies cortisol levels -- your stress hormone. This is why we include Ashwagandha in our blend. 

The every day stress and work and at home can spike our cortisol, and ashwagandha can help us come back to center. 


Whole body benefits from each ingredient

Each ingredient can help your body in many ways. For example, we include Ceylon Cinnamon for its incredible antioxidants. But, ashwagandha also helps your body reduce inflammation, and matcha has 140x the antioxidants of coffee!

Each of these add up to create a healing beverage that tastes really damn good. 

How does Wonder Matcha compare to similar products?

One of the things that we really pride ourselves on is having a product that really works. Our product is uses effective doses of each ingredient so that you'll really get the benefit. 

As an example, compare our ingredients to a similar and popular product on the market:

magic matcha comparison

Ready to try Wonder Matcha?

You can buy our incredible Wonder Matcha here. And feel free to shoot us any questions or drop a comment anytime!


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    Best Seller Bundle: Wonder Matcha Wonder MCT Focus Creamer (Save 10%)
    Best Seller Bundle: Wonder Matcha Wonder MCT Focus Creamer (Save 10%)

    Best Seller Bundle: Wonder Matcha Wonder MCT Focus Creamer (Save 10%)

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