Why Drink Matcha

Matcha is Magic

Matcha is truly magical. We spice it up a bit to make it even more magical for each morning, but here we're going to focus on what makes matcha so special all on its own. Plus, learn how to spot good matcha vs bad matcha.

  • matcha increases energy without jitters

    Increases energy without jitters

    Matcha is pretty incredible. Unlike coffee, matcha is a more balanced, longer lasting energy that avoids jitters. This is because matcha has a naturally occuring protein L-theanine that slows down the effect of caffeine.

  • Boosts concentration

    The L-theanine in matcha, naturally improves your focus and concentation while also decreasing stress. L-theanine has even been shown to get your brain into a flow state by promoting an alpha brain waves.

  • Increases detoxification and metabolism

    Matcha is JAM PACKED with antioxidants. In fact, because you're consuming the whole tea leaf (which is beautifully shade grown) it had more than 140x the antioxidants of coffee or typical green tea. This helps your body fight off free radicals and detoxify.

    Matcha contains a special antioxidant called EGCG which is also reported to improve metabolism and blood-flow.

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That matcha energy

Have you ever felt that huge spike from coffee? The coffee jitters? Then, the afternoon hits and you crash. Can barely make it through your 1pm meetings.

That's the old way. With matcha, you still get a boost, but it's a more serene and longer lasting energy.

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  • Good Matcha

    Color: Vibrant bright green color

    Flavor: Smooth, sweet, and umami

    Texture: Fine, silky, and smooth

    Sourced: Ethically from Japan

  • Bad Matcha

    Color: Dark green or brownish/yellowish in color

    Flavor: Bitter, sharp

    Texture: Course and gritty texture

    Sourced: Not ethically and/or not from Japan

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Matcha quality can differ a lot depending on where you get it from. With the increase in popularity of matcha, you'll find matcha in all your local shops and coffee chains.

But, that doesn't mean the matcha you're finding is of a good quality. We use an ethically sourced, premium cermonial grade matcha from Japan. Our matcha is sourced from farms that have been doing this for almost 1000 years, in the birth place of Japanese matcha, Uji. Each order helps us keep this tradition alive.

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