Benefits of Tremella Mushroom: Unlock Radiant Skin With This Anti-Aging Mushroom

Radiant, healthy skin isn't just about looking better. Your skin is also a reflection of what's going on inside of your body. 

(Although, I definitely don't knock wanting to look better -- you feel good when you're looking good!)

One of the reasons I originally created Wonder Matcha was because of the health of my skin. I have eczema, and it's a constant battle to keep my skin in good shpae. Anyone else relate? 

I could talk for days about the benefits of Wonder Matcha, but this post is about something different. 

You know there are mushrooms for:

  • focus
  • stress management
  • and even energy...

But, did you know there is a mushroom celebrated for enhancing skin health?

Everything from:

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Stimulating collagen synthesis
  • Protecting your skin from UV damage
  • And moisturizing your skin

It's even known as the beauty mushroom...

This mushroom is known as Tremella, or Tremella fuciformis.

Commonly known as snow fungus or the beauty mushroom, it was first discovered in Sichuan province, Southwestern China. 

FUN FACT: According to tradition Yang Guifei, one of the Four Great Beauties in Chinese history attributed her glowing and youthful complexion to the use of Tremella mushrooms.

It's an edible medicinal mushroom packed with polysaccharides, protein, dietary fibers, antioxidants, and high levels of vitamin D.

Tremella has been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is known for its ability to enhance the body's immunity, prevent diseases and its therapeutic effect on skin care, especially anti-aging.

To better understand the science behind Tremella Mushroom, let's first focus on understanding two of the primary ways that tremella mushroom works in your body: combating oxidative stress and inflammation.

Understanding Oxidative Stress And Inflammation

Our bodies constantly generate energy, but this process can produce free radicals (highly reactive molecules) that can damage cells, leading to illness. Free radicals can also be formed from toxins like pollutions, cigarette smoke, and radiation.

When there's an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants, it results in oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress can then open doors for chronic inflammation and quite a number of health issues.

What exactly is inflammation, you ask? Well, our bodies have an emergency response system called inflammation, which is important in dealing with short-term issues like injuries. It can help your body fight off infections and speed up the healing process. 

However, when inflammation becomes chronic, it becomes a big problem and illnesses such as heart disease and cancer are possible outcomes.

Oxidative stress and inflammation can have wide-ranging effects on your body, and one common place they can invade is your skin – leading to premature aging, worsening eczema, and more.

Oxidative stress and inflammation can have wide-ranging effects on your body...leading to premature aging, worsening eczema, and more.

This is where Tremella mushroom steps in and is armed with polysaccharides that act as guardians, fighting off harmful molecules and calming inflammatory responses. It helps keep inflammation in check, ensuring healthier cells. 

As mentioned earlier, Tremella is popular for its skin-enhancing properties, especially its anti-aging effects. 

Well...imagine looking in the mirror and saying “damn!” because your skin is at its best! 

After we unpack the benefits of Tremella mushrooms on our skin, maybe we can all experience the beauty benefits of the this mushroom. 

FUN FACT: Tremella mushroom can hold up to 500 times it's weight in water, making it an exceptional natural moisturizer. This hyradating property is comparable to hyaluronic acid. 

How Tremella Works To Benefit Your Skin

Tremella mushroom contains a range of bioactive compounds that can benefit your skin. These compounds regulate immune responses which as a result, soothe irritated skin, helping to maintain a balanced and healthy complexion.

These compounds have been shown to:

  • Have an anti-inflammatory effect (as we touched on earlier)
  • Stimulate collagen synthesis
  • Protect your skin from UV damage
  • And moisturize your skin

Let’s take a quick look at each of these...

Tremella and Inflammation

Think of Tremella mushrooms as your skin's best friend. They have special bioactive compounds that work like calming agents for your skin. Imagine these compounds stepping in to reduce redness and irritation, which are a result of inflammation. Tremella helps to maintain a balanced and healthy complexion.

Tremella and Collagen

When your skin is radiant, glowing, and firm, you’re seeing collagen at work. You may be familiar with collagen supplements and skin care collagen serums, but what if I told you, there is a plant based alternative?

The polysaccharides in Tremella help protect and repair collagen fibers in our bodies by getting rid of free radicals and repairing oxidative damage. They stimulate collagen synthesis, promoting new collagen to maintain skin elasticity and youthfulness.

Tremella and UV Protection

The sun is our friend, but it can be an enemy to our skin. UV radiation is a primary cause of skin aging, pigmentation, and DNA damage. Yet again Tremella saves the day with its unique set of polysaccharides which have photoprotective properties and act as natural UV filters.

How does this happen? They form a thin film on the skin's surface, scattering and absorbing UV rays, thus reducing the risk of sunburn and aging. Tremella also helps in the repair of UV-damaged skin cells, promoting skin recovery and minimizing long-term UV skin damage. 

Tremella and Skin Moisture

Lastly, we all love moisturized skin that feels supple right? The polysaccharides in Tremella mushrooms, particularly beta-glucans, attract and retain moisture. They enhance skin hydration by restoring its natural moisture barrier, and improve the overall skin texture, leaving your skin soft and radiant.

FUN FACT: In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Tremella mushroom is prized for its ability to nourish Yin energy. Yin represents the cooling, moistening, and restorative aspects of the body, and Tremella helps maintain balance, hydration, and overall health.

Wrapping up

Tremella is such a fascinating and incredible mushroom. 

From it's ability to hold up to 500x it's weight in water, to it's hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties it's quickly becoming a favorite for anyone looking to improve the health of their skin. 

That's why we decided to make it one of the primary components of our new Adaptogenic Collagen Builder in the Pow Protein+

Our vegan collagen builder does not stop at just tremella though. It's loaded with amino acids, vitamins, and minerals for a well rounded approach. Get your plant based protein AND naturally enhance your bodies collagen production in one scoop a day. 

So many reasons to try Pow Protein+ with Tremella! Check it out →


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