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Adapta-whaaaa?! Adaptogen, adaptogenic drinks and much more.

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This is our first BlissFunctional Newsletter. I'm super excited to be writing this, and will try to write about every 1-2 weeks. 

The goal of this newsletter will be to share content and ideas that help you feel your best: tips for living a more balanced lifestyle, productivity tips, stuff about mushrooms, adaptogens, and more. I may even just include some stuff that I'm finding interesting that week.

I hope you enjoy! Email back anytime with feedback, let me know what you'd like to hear about.

Ezra (Founder of Pow)


Adaptogens! A few months ago a wrote a blog post on the basics of adaptogens. You can read that in full, but I'll summarize some of the key ideas in this first newsletter. 

  • Adaptogens are herbs (or mushrooms) that help your body adapt to stress. They don't have a specific effect on the body, and can adapt to what your body needs. 
  • To be an adaptogen, they must: be safe for long-term use, have a non-specific impact on your body, and help bring your body to a state of homeostasis (aka balance). Adaptogens work slowly and are meant to be taken over time. 
  • Benefits of adaptogens can include: reduced fatigue, reduced stress, improved cognitive function, better sleep, better mood, etc. Different adaptogens can have an impact on different areas.
  • Common adaptoens include: ashwagadha, reishi mushroom, maca, ginsing, and cordeceps.
  • Adaptogens have an impact on your endocrine system (hormones), so although for most people they are safe to use for long periods, for some people (for example with auto-immune conditions) there can be side effects and it's always good to talk to a doctor first. 
When taking adaptogens you want to understand the appropriate dosage, if you're taking a powder vs an extract, ensure the right part of the plant is being used, and even that the right testing is done. I'll share more on all of this in the future!

At Pow, the primary adaptogen we use in our products today is ashwagandha (studied for it's ability to decrease stress).

We are currently developing new products that utilize other adaptogens, and you may see us combine adaptogens in the future to get the best effect. 

 Stuff I'm Pondering


This is a doozy! (I saw this posted by @neurohacker)
The primary takeway from this study was that it takes cognitive effort for you to not pick up your phone when it's around (because it's an additiction). So even having your phone around you decreases your cognitive function.
Over the last few months, something I've practiced is not picking up my phone when I can't remember something. I'm challenging my brain and I've noticed a difference. Definitely something I'll keep doing. Maybe I'll start leaving it behind more often too.
How about you? 
Drop a comment on the 'gram, or email back. Would love to hear what you think. 
- Ezra 🍄🍵🧠
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