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Pow Magic Matcha Reviews

Based on 378 reviews

I put it in coffee (extra punch) or sometimes tea or just plain milk and it definitely gives a heightened sense of awareness. Good product

Awesome stuff!

I found POW Matcha while searching for an alternative to daily coffee. I ordered the starter pack and weaned myself off the Java. The first week was *really* rough, but I’m so glad I kept going because the benefits I’ve experienced are amazing! The taste is great, it gives me energy without the crash, I sleep better, my gut is happier, skin looks better, and I’m able to better manage stress. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’m definitely satisfied!

Not bad!

I can’t really tell if it’s working for me yet or not but it seems I have to use it for 2-3 months before I can really tell the difference. It blends well in room temperature water and doesn’t taste bad, so that’s pretty great for a powder creamer!

Great taste

I ordered the lightly sweetened matcha - very nice clean taste and truly only a super light sweeteness, so often it's too much. Always easier to add than remove! Blends well very clean pleasant and true matcha taste. Have only used for about a week, gives perhaps mild steady energy but look forward to further benefits with ongoing use. The frother is powerful and helps blend well - perhaps a bit too much! - just wish the speed was controlled by separate toggle (currently you have to rotate through low-high-off). Very happy with purchase so far.

Wonder Matcha
Jessica Ohman

I started my subscription a few months ago and I’m so glad I did. I drink this matcha every day.

Wonder Matcha
samantha white
Love it

It has a good clean flavor and can definitely feel the difference when I drink it everyday. Totally worth it ❤️💯

Best Matcha Ever.

Love this product. Will never switch!

Yum! Great with breakfast.

I used to put extract powders in my matcha, but it's super convenient to have an all-in-one blend like this! I use the unsweetened version and make lattes with oat milk and vanilla syrup or honey. It's very yummy and gives me something to look forward to in my morning routine. I also super appreciate the frother; it's gotten a lot of use so far. :)

Solid Start to the Day

Enjoyed this product as a newbie to mushrooms and a lover of matcha. I like to add honey to my tea and drink it piping hot!!

Love the matcha

I’m a big matcha drinker. I’ve had it every day for 3 years. I was excited to try it after hearing about it and it didn’t disappoint. The quality and flavor profile are great. Happy to continue to support Ezra’s business. Just started a subscription

Starter kit

I am loving the matcha so far and the whisk is far superior to the one I have at home. It’s awesome that y’all are able to provide the whisk at no extra cost. Makes the whole process that much easier and more enjoyable. I used to drink coffee ( and sometimes still do) but this matcha has definitely changed my routine.

Wonder Matcha
Laura Davenport
Wonderful introduction to Matcha

I had never had Matcha before so this was my first time trying it. I don’t have anything to compare it to but it tastes healthy. Reminded me of spinach when I first tried it so I drink mine with a teaspoon of honey or as a latte or iced latte. The lions mane has done wonders for my mental health as well. I can finally think clearly again!

Good quality

I decided to stop drinking coffee to help my anxiety and I feel like this has been a great replacement. I feel energized but not crazy when I drink it. I combine the matcha with the mct oil powder. Great combo.

Very, satisfied, smooth, taste, great quality

My mom loves

I bought this for myself for the first time a few months ago. I showed my mom and now she’s hook! She loves putting it in her black coffee and I love it in my matcha!

The whisk is so powerful and the matcha is delicious. Highly recommend :)

Better than mudwater

I said it

Game changer!

I've tried several times to curb my coffee habit over the years; to no avail. I'd always have EXTREME fatigue, depressive thoughts, and a general disorientation. While I'm sure these symptoms might've dissipated over time, my career is demanding in a way that wouldn't allow for underperformance. POW matcha immediately gave me the mental clarity and alertness I've always lost when I tried to give up coffee. I feel calm and focused, and that, over a long period of time. Also the quality. I haven't had mactcha of that quality since my time in Japan. And the frother was such a nice and thoughtful gesture. Wins all around! Bravo on such a quality and effective product. I'm so intrigued by this company.

Wonder Matcha + Free Starter Pack
John Rutan/Audio Connection
Exercize intensityimprovment yet calmness and focus improve

I have to share with you my experience with Wonder Matcha which is something I look forward to as a real treat now.
After trying many Green teas at all price levels Wonder Matcha hits it out of the park for me.
I would pay triple if I had to for this combination.
as my title says it simply
(((Exercise intensity improved yet calmness and focus improved as well))

Wonder Matcha

Taste pretty good can experiment with different ways to make it, using pumpkin puree , oat milk , cinnamon and maple syrup

Wonderful Matcha

Powder tastes great and my energy and mood are lifted without the coffee jitters. Highly recommend.

This one’s special

I’ve tried a lot of matchas and have been taking adaptogens for a long time and this is a truly amazing product. It’s a great tea and great medicine. The quality of the components feels superior to anything else I’ve tried. Obviously, I don’t have a lab going over here so I can’t verify my feelings but here we are.

Best booster !!

So yummy and easy to add in. Gives an amazing boost to something already amazing! Loyal customer no doubt!

Honestly surprised (in a good way)

This has been kinda life changing. I’m finding that I focus better, my anxiety is way down and I’m much less bloated. Whatever you’re doing you’re doing a great job.

MCT Creamer

I tried the match and the MCT creamer. I was never a big matcha drinker, but was willing to try it for the health benefits. Wasn't a big fan of the taste, but I'm aware that that's because I was never a big matcha girl like I said. But I think that I can create some recipes that help me enjoy it so I can get the benefits.

But let's get to the star of the show because the Wonder MCT Functional Focus Creamer IS that girl. I've tried it in hot and cold lattes, and it's absolutely fabulous. I even tried it in mint tea (I never put creamer in herbal teas), but it wasn't noticeable at all. The creamer has helped support my brain function dramatically. I've seen such a marked improvement in my brain function and endurance to complete tasks. I took it before babysitting my nieces and had the energy to take them to an outdoor bounce house event. I even bounced with them and was able to stay up through the night.

I also just started grad school and this product has helped me have the energy I need to retain the information and to finish my work. I have ADHD and have been unmedicated for some time (which has proven difficult). This product has been a welcome addition to how I deal with my symptoms. I can't say enough great things about it!