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Pow Magic Matcha Reviews

Based on 268 reviews

I decided to order this on a whim. I wasn't a huge fan of matcha before, but when I tried this I was so surprised! I was afraid I'd feel jittery or overstimulated, because I normally feel that way when I have caffeine. Thankfully, I didn't experience that at all!

Crazy smooth!

This matcha is amazing. I eat pretty clean and love sweet things but I don’t eat sugar, so this matcha surprised me with its smoothness and amazing taste…I don’t even feel the need to add a sweetener bc it’s perfect! I also recommend the MCT oil. I swear it does make a difference with concentration throughout the day and it doesn’t even interfere with the taste of anything I use it with, it just complements it :)


The matcha tasted great!

LOVE this product

I have it nearly every morning. So easy to make, blends well, not gritty in the least. I use almond milk, and a tiny bit of coffee creamer if I want it a bit sweeter some days. Highly recommended!

Love it!

I just finished my first bag of pow wonder matcha and I love it! It's a great alternative to coffee when I don't want to feel anxious or crash midday.

Love it

Look forward to drinking it everyday. Customer service is so easy to work with and great!

Transformational energy

Was able to cut out energy drinks on the spot and still felt energized.
Matcha tastes great, and is a perfect way to get my mood right at the beginning of the day.

Great matcha + more

I’m very impressed with the quality of the ingredients, plus the lack of any unnecessary additives or fake sweeteners. Upon first sip, I wasn’t sure about the taste (as it didn’t taste like pure matcha- of course, POW has other ingredients). But the next day, the taste was really growing on me. I now enjoy POW and think it tastes great. The lightly sweetened with monk fruit is just perfectly sweet for my tastes. I’ve enjoyed iced lattes with one or two teaspoons. I like only one teaspoon if I’m drinking it in one sitting, and two teaspoons if I’m sipping if throughout the morning (like in an insulated cup taken to work). If I’m ever running late or just opt for a different beverage, I always miss POW. I can really see how it adds value to my day. It’s subtle (not in your face like coffee), but the smooth energy and calming effects are definitely there. I’m so thankful with how it’s helped with my anxiety, and just puts me in a better mood. Thank you, POW! I’m trying the creamer next and I’m excited.


Very glad to have started POW matcha in my morning routine. I love that I am getting other suitable additives in my morning matcha routine that are good for my brain health and overall being!

Love it!

This was my first time trying to make my own matcha lattes at home-I love the flavor and appreciate how generous and helpful the owner has been with helping me with my purchase-between the taste, quality of ingredients, and amazing health benefits I wouldn’t think of ordering a different brand of matcha-I love it!

Super yummy!

I love the flavor and all of the health benefits I know I’m getting from the creamer-I add it to my matcha latte and it tastes super creamy and delicious!


I love the matcha (I got lightly sweetened so I don’t have to add any extra). The flavor is so yummy and the extra focus boost that the MCT creamer gives is epic!

Want to like it more

I wanted to like this more, but I unfortunately am struggling with the dirt-like taste that's in the matcha. I will probably finish the bag but not order again. But I really support the cause and hope the best for the company!

Good but..

It is great, however it can get too powerful and messy in an instant.

I love it!!

Making my matcha in the morning is my new favorite thing :)

Great Product!

It tastes great and gives me the energy I need in the morning! I can finally cut back on my caffeine intake.

Delicious and Happy

I freaking love this stuff. The matcha is great by itself but this lil beauty adds a special something to the drink and my mood! 10/10

Love this stuff!

I look forward to drinking a cup of matcha tea every morning when I wake up!

Still early but…

I am loving it so far and have seen some subtle improvements with my bloating over the course of two weeks. Looking forward to continue using it!

Great Matcha!

I’ve tried many other matcha products and I keep coming back to this brand! Must try, but be careful because you will get addicted to its awesomeness 😝


Such great matcha and actually does help improve focus! If I start my days with one of these, I suddenly feel more awake and more prepared for the day. Such a great find!

Great matcha!

So far the easiest Matcha to make I’ve had a lot of mind gets really clumpy, and this product is really smooth and taste great


This is my new favorite brand. I’ve been looking into taking MCT or oil as well as mushrooms. I just haven’t found a good company yet so glad I got an ad for this and I’m definitely going to be a repeat customer.

Morning ritual

I make an iced Wonder matcha to start my day. I mix it with oat milk and a sprinkle of turmeric. Love that it’s already slightly sweetened so I don’t have to use sugar/honey :) delicious flavor

Calm, long lasting energy

Absolutely love Pow Matcha! The added adaptogens provides focus and calm energy that lasts for hours!