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Matcha With Extras

I enjoy Matcha alone but was curious about the added benefits of the other ingredients. While the taste of cinnamon in matcha is new to me, I thought it was a nice addition. Overall, I really enjoy it.

Love it

Awesome. I can definitely feel the difference when drinking it . I wish it wasn't so pricey.

works great !

I used to use “Brain Dust” with lions mane to improve my day and help me focus. This works even better than that (and is more affordable). I love matcha and this extra boost in adaptogens is really awesome. I drink it everyday i’m glad i found it!

The BEST matcha ever.

I am hooked. I will never go back to buying overpriced sugar loaded matcha lattes at coffee stands ever again. This matcha is amazing.

Amazing taste amazing feeling

It tastes really delicious! I got lightly sweetened with monk fruit. I love matcha but I was drinking one that was overtly sweet and probably wasn’t as healthy. I’m happy that this has so many health benefits and tastes so good. I felt really calm after I drank it too!


Stumbled upon this match and it’s soooo yummy!!! The whisk is also awesome.


I’ve been having this as an iced matcha before my grad classes and I love the taste!

Funky taste

If you're used to drinking regular matcha, this mix has an odd taste with a funky aftertaste. I wish I liked it better, since it seems to have great health benefits, but I don't think I'll be able to keep drinking it. The whisk it came with is also faulty and keeps beeping. Overall, disappointed with the purchase.

Very good

I’ve been drinking it every morning! Feels so much better than when I was drinking coffee. Add a little honey and you’re good to go!

Great product

Fantastic taste, perfect addition to my morning routine

Love it

One of the best tasting matchas out there!

pleasantly surprised! no bad, all good!

I saw this on an ad on Insta and thought why not? I def had a lot of doubts but once my boyfriend and I tried it, it was worth it! No negative side affects like coffee but all the great benefits. We felt focused and energized. The free whisk deal was also so fun! Tastes great and works well in all drink recipes. My boyfriend bought another package after having two glasses.

Nothing special

It’s ok. It’s matcha. It hasn’t given the boost I’d expect from a tea. There are additional benefits noted, but I’d rather have $0.50 tea than pay $2+ per serving.


Exactly what I expected. Great quality, great product.

Start every morning with this!!

I love this matcha!!! It blends really well and I love the extra perks you get with adoptogens and the touch of cinnamon. It’s great on its own or with a dairy free creamer or milk… this is my 6th month with it? Hooked!

Fierce and frothy!

This thing is powerful. My iced lattes are frothier than from the coffee shop! Saving a lot of $$$ making my matcha at home

The greatest thing since sliced bread

This makes my brain feel like a cup of hot cocoa after a long day on the slopes.

This is life changing

I have been using it for about a week now and it just gives me the right amount of energy and calm focus throughout my busy days of grad school, internship hours, and work obligations without the crash is usually experience with coffee. This is truly a hidden gem and I intend on spreading the word to friends and family : )


Great flavor... and love the benefits little pricey but understandable with all that goes into it.

Literally in love. Marry me.

Skipped my Starbucks coffee+espressos, skipped my prework out and my usual celcius energy drink. Cant say enough about this matcha. I feel freaking great WITHOUT the jittery-crack feeling.

Wonder Matcha w/ Adaptogens and Lion's Mane [Free Whisk Offer]

Wonder Matcha w/ Adaptogens and Lion's Mane

Must try!

I tried the matcha the first time a couple of months ago and have been ordering since. I like the slightly bitter taste of matcha, hence I like the unsweetened version. I usually make it as a latte with oat milk and I have seen it’s positive effect on my mood and gut health.


I like it!

Magical Morning Ritual

This is some high-quality matcha. I really look forward to starting my day with Wonder Matcha because I know it’s good for both my body and soul. I have tried several matcha brands in the past year, and this matcha brand has stood above the crowd for its purity, attention to detail, value, and taste. I only wish the bag was a little bigger because I agree with other reviewers that I like to add more than one spoonful.