Pow Magic Matcha Reviews

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Tumeric Matcha

Love this matcha & am starting to have it everyday!

Badass whisk

I love my whisk very much and I especially appreciate that I can charge it up with a charger! It’s such a great quality whisk (better than any other ones that Ive used)

Part of my daily routine

I’m really enjoying this matcha! I got the pack with with both kinds and the creamer. I was trying to reduce caffeine intake and cut back a little bit on coffee, but I missed having a tasty hot beverage in the afternoon. This is the perfect thing! Highly recommended!

Love this!

Pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Wonder Matcha. It blends really well into oat milk & tastes great! Plus the Ashwagandha & Lion's Mane help me to feel energized yet calm throughout the day.


I am super picky about my matcha experience, and this is the best! I love that there’s no added sugar and that you have the extra calmness from the ashwaganda. You just feel absolutely magical after!

Deliciously Energizing & Grounding

It’s been so nice to feel more focused without the jitters and anxiety that coffee and some matcha has given in the past. GetPow doesn’t skimp on the adaptogens either! I can feel the grounding effects when I drink this & it’s wonderfully refreshing!


I honestly did not expect lions mane to work but this makes me so energised and positive throughout the day. Also very yummy, highly recommend a cold coconut milk POW matcha latte

Obsessed with this Matcha!

I love this Matcha! So flavorful and easy to make. It's a morning staple!

I am obsessed with this matcha

5/5 all around! I have been looking for a matcha that includes all of these ingredients and I will never look back after trying wonder matcha. The taste is great and I feel great! I look forward to my drink every morning!

Can't go a day without it

Seriously, I wake up craving a homemade matcha latte using this matcha. I know it's nourishing my mind and body, which brings a smile to my face with each sip :)

So good!

I’m hooked! It’s the perfect addition to the matcha. It makes it so creamy and yummy. I’m adding it to my monthly subscription.

Pow x MiiR Cup

The POW x MiiR cup has a comfortable handle, convenient/secure lid closure, insulation works well for hot or cold and has a lovely powder coat finish. Best of all, both POW and MiiR are philanthropic and care about the planet. These cups’ great design technology make it easy to go paperless. MiiR says it perfectly, “We exist to empower people for a better future.” THANK YOU.

Love it

Helps me in the mornings - to get up and go

It's Matcha. Done Better.

After coffee let me down time after time, I found a new love for matcha. Pow takes their matcha to a whole new level. My high stress lifestyle hasn't slowed down but Wonder Matcha has been giving me the energy and focus I'm after without the crash and jitters. I went ahead and tried the latte recipe as instructed with raw milk from a local farmer's market and I love it! It's awesome knowing I'm getting health benefits from the adaptogens as well.

LOVE this!!

I call this functional creamer my “coffee booster” bc I love the taste and it has so many benefits!! I don’t get coffee jitters anymore, I get the even energy of matcha. I feel more focused and less stressed. I love Wonder Matcha and drink it in the afternoon, but love my morning coffee so I’m glad to have something like this to reduce the negative effects of it.

my go-to

I literally cannot live without this stuff.

So good!

This has been a part of my morning routine for several months now and I love it! So good!

Morning routine

Being sensitive to caffeine as the years have gone by, I rely on matcha to keep my morning nerves in check. So, I've searched for years to find a matcha brand that I could stick with. Well, I've found it! Get pow matcha has become my morning beverage of choice and I couldn't be happier about it.

Totally Hooked

This matcha has totally changed how I start my days. Truly works wonders; you get all the energy and focus without the jitters or the crash, not to mention it tastes great! I am totally hooked!

Wonder MCT Functional Focus Creamer Exceeds Expectations

Wonder MCT Creamer exceeds expectations in its pleasant taste and benefits to focus and energy. Delighted to find a product that tastes great while also enhancing well-being— and NO harmful chemicals. I’m recommending to all my friends!

Love it

It makes me feel good!


I’ve been looking for a healthier alternative to replace my daily coffee drinks. The Wonder Matcha tastes so smooth and creamy. I’ve never had monk fruit before and decided to give it a try. It took some time to get used to it. However, I added oat milk and honey and it was amazing.

Great flavor

All of the health benefits PLUS great flavor. I enjoy this every morning.


tastes great... Definitely gives me more clarity and energy than just straight Matcha!

I rarely go a day without Pow

I love how this combination makes me feel! Clean, Clear-headed, Calm, energy!